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Areas of focus


Molecular Diagnostics

High precision biomarkers.

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Gene Therapy

Approaching treatments from within the cell.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

APTAH Diagnostics

Using the latest technology of microfluidic chips and remote molecular diagnostic systems, we can deliver fast, precise and affordable molecular diagnostic tests directly where it is most needed, inside hospitals, pharmacies and medical clinics.

We can better diagnose:

  • Infectious diseases

  • Neurodegenerative diseases

  • Cancer - Oncology

  • Genetic mutations


Computer designed molecules - Antisense (ASO)

With Aptah’s technology, we can design specific synthetic biomarkers in a unprecedented timeframe.  By using our ASOs we can identify all main biomarkers (DNA/RNA) with higher precision, higher specificity and much cheaper.

New RT-PCR-Lamp Automated Protocol

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification with reverse transcriptase (reverse transcriptase loop-mediated isotherma lamplification, RT-PCR-LAMP) with important additional innovation in order to become easier and more precise. It has more sensitivity and delivers results in a much faster timeframe.

We developed a proprietary image algorithm that analyzes the wave length of probes and automatically identifies and quantifies the specific disease.

Next, we will manufacture a remote molecular diagnostic equipment (mPOC-molecular point-of-care technology) to facilitate, decentralize and democratize our solution worldwide.

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Microfluidic Technology

In addition to the mPOC, we will create and manufacture ground-breaking microfluidic products that are changing the world. Instead of conventional chromatography found in IVD-POC products, we can report as a full diagnostic test with higher precision, higher specificity, lower cost and immediate results.

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APTAH Therapies

Aptah antisense therapy controls TAU expression inside cells, bringing it to a normal level, which stabilizes the cell’s metabolism. Therefore, we are able to reduce its oxidation, inflammation and reproduction rate. 


In short, we aim to cure cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

We are currently focused on therapies for:

  • Glioblastoma

  • Premature Skin aging


Aptah succefully developed an ASO to precisely control the TAU proteins expression in the U87MG lineage (ELISA method).


Product: APT20TTMG

According to the Contract Research Organization’s (CRO) final report:

The results showed that both compounds (Aptah ASO's 1 and 2) were internalized by the U87MG glioblastoma lineage, in a time-dependent manner, which was verified by both flowcytometry and fluorescence microscopy. Additionally, considering the evaluated concentrations, a reduction in cell viability was observed in the concentration-dependent glioblastoma lineage, which was not observed for the Balb/c3T3 fibroblast lineage, demonstrating a possible selectivity of compounds by tumorcells.

Dermocosmetic cell therapy

Product: APT20TTDC

Exposure to ultra violet radiation (UV) can cause an imbalance in the cellular oxidation of the skin, causing damage to its integrity and leading to several changes such as premature aging and skin cancer. Considering the close relationship between the increase in oxidative stress and the harmful effects of UV on the skin, the use of antioxidants appears as an important alternative in photoprotection therapies. 

The antioxidant activity evaluated in cell culture demonstrated that the test item (APT20TTDC) has significant antioxidant effect on cells irradiated by ultraviolet light.