Drug discovery & design

Aptah is a biotech company focused on the design of molecules that allow controlling cell biology - without altering DNA.


Aptah is a biotech company that aims to support medical advancements by introducing innovative technologies into the drug discovery process. Currently 80% of projects fail within the clinical test phase. According to Tufts University of Boston the average development time of new medicines lays between 10 to 15 years and has a cost of approximately US$ 2,9 B.


The length and costs associated to designing new drugs is mainly associated to the selection method of new active compounds and the regulatory complexity they are subject to. With Aptah's algorithm we identify the best compound in record time (average of 2.5 hours), promoting significant time and cost reductions, mitigating risks in new drug discovery projects and ultimately optimizing preclinical and clinical testing.


Pre Messenger RNA, or pre-mRNA, are crucial for the human biology as they translate the instructions stored in the DNA to make the proteins required in every living cell. Aptah's Antisense technology is based on the modulation of the pre-mRNA.

Aptah is working towards preventing, treating, or curing diseases by modulating the pre-mRNA to instruct a patient’s own cells to produce the exact proteins she/he needs.


Other areas of application could include:

  • Genetic therapies for rare and neglected diseases

  • Dermo-cosmetics

  • Fighting super bacterias and viruses

  • Microbiological analysis of food and medicines

  • Super-seeds

  • Lab-made proteins - food and

  • Production of biodiesel, bio-polymers, etc.




We focus on neglected diseases with a high rate of mortality and occurrence.


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