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Disintegrating Sphere

RNA Widespread Correction

Restores overall mRNA quality and the correct synthesis of multiple proteins


RNA Widespread Correction



  • Rationally designed with advanced computer simulations;

  • New class of molecule - Synthetic cDNA single stranded;

  • Potentially applicable to a great variety of sporadic genetic disorders.

Mechanism of Action + Main differentials

  • Assures U1 snRNP assembly;

  • Reduces premature cleavage of multiple pre-mRNAs;

  • Restores functionality of regulatory agents (e.g. miRNAs);

  • Reduces abnormal splicing of multiple mRNAs;

  • Reduces the expression of truncated proteins;

  • Molecule is safe* in different cell lines and in vivo;

  • Permeable to the BBB;

  • Good brain distribution (cortex + hippocampus);

  • Molecule promotes a clear beneficial biological effect;

  • Rationally designed synthetic molecule.

Mechanism of Action + Main differentials

Aptah`s compound safely restores mRNA quality in iPS human neurons from Alzheimer`s disease patients.

Widespread Protein Correction
[in vitro + in vivo]

At Aptah, our mission is to revolutionize the biotech industry through groundbreaking research and development. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve the lives of patients and advance medical science. Explore our exciting projects below and discover how we are making a positive impact in the world.

Toxic proteins are reduced

iPSC Human Neurons

SAMP8 Rodent Model

Healthy proteins are not changed

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